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GO2 health is a multi-modality health clinic that thrives on challenge and communication. We believe the key to good health and health care is to form a relationship with our patients, ensuring they receive the treatment they need, with the minimum of fuss. Our allied health services are the backbone, and these integrate fully with our doctors. Collaboration is the key – we are not fans of silo’d practice. Within our walls we’ll help you find what you need, and aim to wrap you up in our one stop shop.

GO2 started out as ‘GO2 Human Performance’ in 2009 at a small clinic in Everton Hills, based around elite sports.  Growing rapidly the clinic moved into the old Westpac bank at Everton Park in 2013, and underwent a rebrand in late 2016 to ‘GO2 Health’. We have a diverse range of ADF/DVA and Private patients, across a number of niches. Whilst our focus is always expanding, GO2 at its heart is a sports medicine and high performance clinic, whether that is elite sports, mental health, nutrition or pain management. If we can’t figure you out, we have a wide network of external experts who we can refer you to.

Rod Martin

Rod Martin (BSc. BHS, EMBA cand) founded GO2 Health in 2009 and is currently the Managing Director and Senior Acupuncturist within the clinic. Rod brings a unique understanding of human development and motivation into the practice. With 20+ years’ experience in managing small to medium businesses, Rod has an excellent understanding of corporate governance and the health industry from a humanistic perspective. His knowledge of Eastern philosophy brings a sense of peace and calm to his work, allowing him to excel in the care of depression and anxiety related disease. Rod is also a member on the AHPRA Chinese Medicine Board, giving him significant insight into the health regulatory environment.

Dr Kieran McCarthy

Dr Kieran McCarthy (BN, MBBS, MPH, FRACGP) is the other GO2 Health partner, and fills the roles of Medical Director and Operations. Rod and Kieran have been friends for almost 30 years. After 10 years as an Intensive care nurse in Adelaide and running his own internet access startup in the mid 1990’s, he changed tack and graduated from Medicine in 2006, completing his General Practice Fellowship in 2012. Sponsored through medicine by the Australian Army, Kieran spent 6 years as a military doctor. Kieran started at GO2 in late 2013, slowly building the medical side to the business.


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