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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Getting this diagnosis from your GP can sometimes be the final straw in a long history of tummy issues!  It generally means that you have a range of frustrating and sometimes debilitating symptoms that have no obvious medical cause.

At GO2, we find that a varied approach can often help:


While conventional medicine may offer few answers, acupuncture may well be superb at helping to heal the stomach and gut.  For thousands of years, digestive issues have been supported by Traditional Chinese Medicine.


You probably already know that some foods flare up your symptoms more than others.  Wouldn’t it be nice to identify all the irritants to your condition and be able to control your symptoms more effectively?  See our dietitian to guide you through this process while maintaining optimal nutrition.


Chronic conditions and diseases can really mess with your mood and general coping strategies.  Psychologists help you to overcome the emotional and life stressors that IBS can bring, and maintain a positive outlook on life.  It is well known that psychological factors play a significant role in chronic pain – if they are not addressed then you are.