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Lower Back Pain

This conditions plagues many people and there are a vast range of causes.  Some of the causes of LBP can include Disc derangement (disc bulge, “slipped disc”), ligament strain and muscle strain as well as SIJ (sacro-iliac joint) dysfunction.  It is important that your symptoms are promptly assessed by either a doctor or physiotherapist.  Early intervention is vital for your short term recovery as well as your long term prognosis.

Back injury can occur either acutely in a specific traumatic event (eg: lifting a very heavy object) or chronically with a build-up of symptoms over a significant amount of time usually due to repetitive stress on particular structures.  Back injury may cause both local pain and referred pain (eg sciatica involving the lower limbs).  It is also possible in more severe cases for back injury to disrupt normal function of the nerves supplying the pelvis, bowel and bladder.

Back Pain Treatment

On presentation, you can expect a full examination, referral for scans if required and development of an effective treatment plan in across 4 areas:

Reduction of pain and inflammation – advice and manual therapy

Improvement in range of motion and function – manual therapy and exercises

Return to normal activity – manual therapy and exercises

Exercises and advice aimed to prevent re-injury – strength and conditioning

Manual Therapy may include a range of techniques including massage, joint mobilisation, fascial release, manipulation, dry needling, tendon therapy and muscle facilitation.

If your injury occurred as a result of work, see your doctor first, otherwise a physiotherapist is able to assess, diagnose and treat you without referral.