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Thoracic spine exercises

Thoracic spine

Thoracic spine exercises


Have you have been suffering neck, shoulder or lower back pain or tightness and have been unsuccessful in addressing it?

Perhaps it is worth considering Thoracic spine mobility. Quiet often we focus on the areas we experience pain but forget to think about why the pain has occurred in the first place. Both the neck, shoulder and lower back all rely heavily on movement generated at the Thoracic spine to enable full range of motion, thus limited mobility in this region can have a flow on affect to common pain areas.

With many job roles requiring extended periods of sitting, computer use or driving, a lot of us have adopted patterns of forward head positions, rounded shoulders and increased curvature through our thoracic spine.

The two exercises in the video are designed to address these bad postures and reinforce joint mobility in extension and rotation which are primary roles of the Thoracic spine.

Remember neither of these exercises should reproduce any of your symptoms. If you have any issues or your symptoms aren't improving book an appointment with one of the Physiotherapist at Go2 Health and we will be happy to work with you to ensure a positive outcome.

Eoin Quinn BPhyt (hons) BAppSc (Human Movement Studies – Exercise Science)
GO2 Physiotherapist

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