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Jenny Strike

Practice Nurse, Acute Medical Assessment

Professional Background

Jenny is one of those people who always wanted to be a nurse – A little girl sure of her path!  As a result, she graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 1988 with a Diploma of Applied Science Nursing. Despite having a few dalliances with differing career options over the years, the pull back to nursing remained her calling!

Jenny worked in the hospital system in Spinal Injuries, Neurology and general medical and surgical wards prior to starting her family.  Once children arrived, she found shift work to be particularly family unfriendly and looked for an alternative.  In 2004 she discovered General Practice Nursing and has not looked back since.

With nine years Practice Nursing experience in rural Central Queensland, necessity dictated the need to accomplish advance practice skills due to the chronic shortage of General Practitioners. As a result, Jenny is a qualified Pap Smear Provider with a special interest in women’s health, an endorsed Nurse Immuniser and has extensive experience with Care Planning and chronic disease management.

General Practice Nursing offers the nurse a unique opportunity to really know her patients, to develop relationships, not only with her patient, but also their family and support networks. Some of Jenny’s most rewarding professional experiences have not been made through her excellent clinical skills, rather through her ability to connect with people, listening to their most pressing issues and supporting them to heal. In her experience patient directed care has by far and away, the most successful outcomes.

Jenny’s passion lies in empowering and supporting patients to take control of their own health care goals to achieve their optimal wellness


  • Diploma of Applied Science Nursing University of Technology Sydney 

Professional Associations / Achievements / Awards

  • Special interest in women’s health