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Tanzia Butterfield


Professional Background

Tanzia has a special interest chronic disease management, weight management (overweight and underweight), and paediatrics. Her advice and counselling strategies are aimed at:

  • Helping you to set realistic goals and achieve them by making gradual, sustainable changes,
  • Improving critical thinking and helping you develop skills to facilitate voluntary adoption of eating-and other food-related behaviour to achieve goals,
  • Empowering you with “how-to” strategies to turn knowledge into practice.

Tanzia has a hands-on, practical approach to helping you achieve dietary change. Her consultations include:

  • Helping you to analyse and modify your favourite recipes/dishes to meet nutritional guidelines for achieving specific outcomes,
  • Teaching you how to identify specific brands, foods and products to improve metabolic efficiency and/or achieve goals,
  • Advising strategies to increase feeling of fullness and getting the most volume of food for the least amount of calories, or getting the most calories into small amounts of food,
  • Assisting you with meal- and menu planning within your nutrient and calorie budget,
  • Suggesting how to accomplish mindful eating and deal with triggers causing undesirable choices and/or eating behaviour,
  • Discussing ways to achieve effective self-monitoring.

Tanzia offers the services of doing home visits to prepare meals/recipes with you, demonstrating how to implement certain strategies. She also runs group sessions on label reading and planning packed lunches, and runs supermarket tours to help with identifying suitable brands/products based around your goals.


  • Bachelor of Dietetics, Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics, Master of Dietetics.
  • Trained in the Family Partnerships Model of Care, Flinders Model for Chronic Disease Management, and Motivational Interviewing.

Professional Associations / Achievements / Awards

  • MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It),
  • Triple P (parenting groups program),
  • PEACH (Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Health).